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Date Movie

2006-02-17 | Comedy

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Spoof of romantic comedies which focuses on a man, his crush, his parents, and her father.
Director: Aaron Seltzer
Stars: Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Griffin

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Positive 38%
Negative 62%

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4 wins 5 nominations
out of 4,757 movie awards
  • Razzie Awards

    Worst Supporting Actress

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    Worst Movie of the Year

  • The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards

    Most Painfully Unfunny Comedy


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Date Movie FAQ

The runtime of Date Movie is 83 minutes.
The revenue of Date Movie was 48,548,426 USD.
On July 30, 2021, the IMDB rating of Date Movie is 2.8/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 7/100, Metacritic rating is 11/100, TMDB rating is 4.0/10.
The release date of Date Movie is February 17, 2006.
The production budget of Date Movie was 20,000,000 USD.
Date Movie won 2007 Razzie Awards, 2006 Golden Schmoes Awards, 2006 The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.
Spoof of romantic comedies which focuses on a man, his crush, his parents, and her father..
The genre of Date Movie is Comedy.
The director of Date Movie is Aaron Seltzer.
The full version of Date Movie is provided by Amazon Video , YouTube , Google Play Movies , Apple iTunes , Vudu , Tubi TV , Microsoft Store , Redbox , DIRECTV , AMC on Demand
The casts of Date Movie are Alyson Hannigan starring as Julia Jones, Eddie Griffin starring as Frank Jones, Sophie Monk starring as Andy, Jennifer Coolidge starring as Roz Funkyerdoder, Fred Willard starring as Bernie Funkyerdoder, Carmen Electra starring as Anne.
The certification of Date Movie is PG-13.