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The Haunting

1999-07-23 | Horror / Thriller

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Dr. David Marrow invites Eleanor Vance, Luke Sanderson, and Theo to the eerie and isolated Hill House to be subjects for a sleep disorder study. The unfortunate guests discover that Marrow is far more interested in the sinister mansion itself — and they soon see the true nature of its horror.
Director: Jan de Bont
Stars: Lili Taylor, Liam Neeson

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The Haunting FAQ

The release date of The Haunting is July 23, 1999.
The genre of The Haunting is Horror,Thriller,Fantasy,Mystery.
The certification of The Haunting is PG-13.
The casts of The Haunting are Lili Taylor starring as Eleanor 'Nell' Vance, Liam Neeson starring as Dr. David Marrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones starring as Theo, Owen Wilson starring as Luke Sanderson, Bruce Dern starring as Mr. Dudley, Marian Seldes starring as Mrs. Dudley.
The runtime of The Haunting is 113 minutes.
On November 26, 2021, there were 5319 public reaction to The Haunting including suspenseful atmosphere, haunting imagery, very haunting, scared to death, American Gothic.
The revenue of The Haunting was 91,188,905 USD.
The production budget of The Haunting was 80,000,000 USD.
On November 26, 2021, the IMDB rating of The Haunting is 5.0/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 17/100, Metacritic rating is 42/100, TMDB rating is 5.0/10.
The Haunting won 2000 BMI Film & TV Awards, 2000 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, 1999 Bogey Awards, Germany, 1999 The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.
The director of The Haunting is Jan de Bont.