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The Assassin

2015-08-27 | Action / Drama

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A female assassin during the Tang Dynasty begins to question her loyalties when she falls in love with one of her targets.
Director: Hou Hsiao-hsien
Stars: Shu Qi, Chang Chen

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The Assassin FAQ

On September 03, 2021, there were 5148 public reaction to The Assassin including slow pace, sluggish pace, lethargic pace, snail pace, glacial pace.
The runtime of The Assassin is 105 minutes.
The certification of The Assassin is NR.
The revenue of The Assassin was 632,542 USD.
The Assassin won 2015 Cannes Film Festival, 2019 To Ten Chinese Films Festival, 2016 Asian Film Awards, 2016 China Film Director's Guild Awards, 2016 Chinese Film (Ningbo·Cixi) Festival, 2016 Chinese Film Media Awards, 2016 Hong Kong Film Awards, 2016 International Cinephile Society Awards, 2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2016 Satellite Awards and 9 others.
The genre of The Assassin is Action,Drama,History.
The director of The Assassin is Hou Hsiao-hsien.
The production budget of The Assassin was 15,000,000 USD.
A female assassin during the Tang Dynasty begins to question her loyalties when she falls in love with one of her targets..
The release date of The Assassin is August 27, 2015.
On September 03, 2021, the IMDB rating of The Assassin is 6.3/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 80/100, Metacritic rating is 80/100, TMDB rating is 6.0/10.