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2016-11-17 | Comedy / Drama

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A week in the life of Paterson, a poet bus driver, and his wife Laura, a very creative artist, who live in Paterson, New Jersey, hometown of many famous poets and artists.
Director: Jim Jarmusch
Stars: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani

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Paterson FAQ

The revenue of Paterson was 2,152,738 USD.
The certification of Paterson is R.
The director of Paterson is Jim Jarmusch.
The runtime of Paterson is 118 minutes.
On September 16, 2021, the IMDB rating of Paterson is 7.4/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 96/100, Metacritic rating is 90/100, TMDB rating is 7.0/10.
The release date of Paterson is November 17, 2016.
The casts of Paterson are Adam Driver starring as Paterson, Golshifteh Farahani starring as Laura, Barry Shabaka Henley starring as Doc, Method Man starring as Method Man, Chasten Harmon starring as Marie, William Jackson Harper starring as Everett.
A week in the life of Paterson, a poet bus driver, and his wife Laura, a very creative artist, who live in Paterson, New Jersey, hometown of many famous poets and artists..
The production budget of Paterson was 5,000,000 USD.
On September 16, 2021, there were 5232 public reaction to Paterson including ordinary man, pure poetry, visual poetry, lyrical directing, with miserable existence.
The genre of Paterson is Comedy,Drama,Romance.
Paterson won 2016 Cannes Film Festival, 2018 Chlotrudis Awards, 2017 FEST International Film Festival, 2017 Iowa Film Critics Awards, 2017 Sant Jordi Awards, 2016 Association of Polish Filmmakers Critics Awards, 2016 Faro Island Film Festival, 2016 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, 2016 Toronto Film Critics Association Awards.