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1985-04-21 | Documentary / History

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Claude Lanzmann directed this 9½ hour documentary on the Holocaust without using a single frame of archive footage. He interviews survivors, witnesses, and ex-Nazis (whom he had to film secretly since they only agreed to be interviewed by audio). His style of interviewing, by asking for the most minute details, is effective at adding up these details to give a horrifying portrait of the events of Nazi genocide. He also shows, or rather lets some of his subjects show, that the anti-Semitism that caused 6 million Jews to die in the Holocaust is still alive and well in many people who still live in Germany, Poland, and elsewhere.
Director: Claude Lanzmann
Stars: Claude Lanzmann, Simon Srebnik

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    Flaherty Documentary Award

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    Flaherty Documentary Award (TV)

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Shoah FAQ

The revenue of Shoah was 20,175 USD.
The casts of Shoah are Claude Lanzmann starring as Himself, Simon Srebnik starring as Himself, Michael Podchlebnik starring as Himself, Motke Zaidl starring as Himself, Jan Karski starring as Himself, Paula Biren starring as Herself.
The genre of Shoah is Documentary,History.
The release date of Shoah is April 21, 1985.
On January 21, 2022, there were 4419 public reaction to Shoah including most devastating, sitting front-row, more powerful, detailed description, personal experience.
The runtime of Shoah is 566 minutes.
The director of Shoah is Claude Lanzmann.
The certification of Shoah is NR.
The full version of Shoah is provided by Amazon Video , YouTube , Google Play Movies , Apple iTunes , Vudu , Microsoft Store , DIRECTV
On January 21, 2022, the IMDB rating of Shoah is 8.7/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 100/100, Metacritic rating is 99/100, TMDB rating is 8.0/10.
Shoah won 1987 BAFTA Awards, 1986 Berlin International Film Festival, 2019 Online Film & Television Association, 2014 Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US, 1986 Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, 1986 César Awards, France, 1986 International Documentary Association, 1986 Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards, 1986 National Society of Film Critics Awards, USA, 1986 Rotterdam International Film Festival and 2 others.