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Cricket 1988

1988 , 7m

“Cricket refers to mass communication, which bridges the gap between residents in different cities separated by geography and culture. This video also reveals how appearances can deceive, for a sense of individualism is born out of harmonious unity. Like crickets, it takes shape, gently splitting and singing at first and ultimately subsuming the entire body to bring a person to madness and schizophrenia. The video images are reconstructed montages of performances that have been reassembled in chronological order. The conclusion appears sinister; but, what is worse, a detached mass person, all parts behaving as one, or a personality scourged by individual desires?” – Marikki Hakola

  • Director: Marikki Hakola
  • Stars:

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Cricket FAQ

The release date of Cricket is January 01, 1988.
The director of Cricket is Marikki Hakola.
The runtime of Cricket is 7 minutes.