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2020-10-22 | Drama
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In the outskirts of London, Portuguese couple and parents of three, Bela and Jota, struggle to make ends meet. When a misunderstanding arises at school with their deaf daughter, the British social services grow concerned for the safety of their children. The film portrays the tireless battle of these immigrant parents against the law to keep their family together.

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Listen FAQ

The revenue of Listen was 273,224 USD.
The casts of Listen are Lúcia Moniz starring as Bela, Ruben Garcia starring as Jota, Maisie Sly starring as Lu, James Felner starring as Diego, Sophia Myles starring as Ann Payne, Kiran Sonia Sawar starring as Anjali.
The director of Listen is Ana Rocha de Sousa, the writer is Aaron Brookner, Paula Vaccaro, Ana Rocha de Sousa.
The release date of Listen is October 22, 2020.
The runtime of Listen is 73 minutes.
On September 25, 2023, there were 2831 public reaction to Listen including social issue, popcorn fodder, contemporary issue, too quick, firmly grounded.
On September 25, 2023, the IMDB rating of Listen is 7.0/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 70/100, Metacritic rating is 0/100, TMDB rating is 7.0/10.
The genre of Listen is Drama.