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Future War

1997-01-28 | Action / Science Fiction

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A runaway human slave from Earth's future escapes to the present day.
Director: Anthony Doublin
Stars: Daniel Bernhardt, Robert Z'Dar

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Future War FAQ

The runtime of Future War is 90 minutes.
On September 16, 2021, the IMDB rating of Future War is 1.6/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 0/100, Metacritic rating is 0/100, TMDB rating is 1.0/10.
The release date of Future War is January 28, 1997.
The casts of Future War are Daniel Bernhardt starring as The Runaway, Robert Z'Dar starring as Cyborg Master, Travis Brooks Stewart starring as Sister Ann, Kazja starring as Cyborg, Ray Adash starring as Capt. Polaris, Andre Scruggs starring as Fred Burroughs.
A runaway human slave from Earth's future escapes to the present day..
On September 16, 2021, there were 4908 public reaction to Future War including sucky, incompetent directing, craptastic, excruciatingly bad, lame ass.
The genre of Future War is Action,Science Fiction.