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Gabriel T. Chytry (pronounced /kih-tree/) was born to a Czech-Armenian philosopher father and a French-American Bharatanatyam dancer mother. His early influences reflected the multicultural artistic landscape he would pursue throughout life. After graduating Berkeley High with his first powerful experience on stage as a lead Afro-Haitian dancer, Gabriel knew he was destined for stories and art forms outside the norm. He graduated from University of California at Santa Barbara with Honors in Law and Society. For his NY stage debut, Gabriel played the lead role of Jacques in the French comedy, Cuisines et Dependences. For over a decade he has worked in different mediums ranging from music videos to most recently portraying the iconic President Abraham Lincoln for a CNN original series. Crossing genres from horror (Hell House III: Lake of Fire) playing billionaire visionary Russell Wynn to independent films dealing with ecology, technology and identity, he continues to pursue projects that encourage us to get beyond outward appearances and traditional narratives with the hope of revealing our true selves.

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Occupation Actor
Place of Birth Berkeley, California, United States

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