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Better Days

2019-10-25 | Drama

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A bullied teenage girl forms an unlikely friendship with a mysterious young man who protects her from her assailants, while she copes with the pressures of her final examinations.
Director: Derek Tsang
Stars: Zhou Dongyu, Jackson Yee

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Better Days FAQ

The runtime of Better Days is 135 minutes.
Better Days won 2020 Academy Award of Beijing Film Academy, 2020 Asian Film Awards, 2020 Asian Film Critics Association Awards, 2020 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards, 2020 China Film Director's Guild Awards, 2020 Faro Island Film Festival, 2020 Golden Rooster Awards, 2020 Golden Screenwriters' Night, 2020 Guangzhou Student Film Festival, 2020 Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards and 18 others.
The revenue of Better Days was 225,879,065 USD.
The genre of Better Days is Drama.
The director of Better Days is Derek Tsang.
A bullied teenage girl forms an unlikely friendship with a mysterious young man who protects her from her assailants, while she copes with the pressures of her final examinations..
On September 16, 2021, the IMDB rating of Better Days is 7.6/10, Rotten Tomato rating is 97/100, Metacritic rating is 83/100, TMDB rating is 8.0/10.
The release date of Better Days is October 25, 2019.
The casts of Better Days are Zhou Dongyu starring as Chen Nian, Jackson Yee starring as Xiao Bei (Liu Beishan), Yin Fang starring as Zheng Ye, Huang Jue starring as Lao Yang, Wu Yue starring as Chen Nian's mother, Zhou Ye starring as Wei Lai.
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