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Survivor 26

2013-02-13 | Reality | 15 episodes
Twenty castaways will compete on SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN ‐ FANS VS. FAVORITES when the Emmy Award-winning series returns on Wednesdays. This edition of SURVIVOR will feature the return of one of the game's greatest pairings: Fans vs. Favorites. Dropped on the exotic Caramoan Islands, the 20 castaways will be divided into two tribes of 10: "The Bikal Tribe," made up of former players deemed favorites, and "The Gota Tribe," comprised of ultimate fans of the game. The tribes are comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds with the same ultimate goal: to outwit, outplay, outlast and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor. The show is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst.

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She Annoys Me Greatly (2013)

Returning players are pitted against newcomers on the exotic Caramoan Islands.

She Annoys Me Greatly poster

Honey Badger (2013)

Following the first elimination of the season, Brandon targets Dawn as the leader of what he sees as an unsuitable vote and matchless teamwork and disorganization from one tribe leaves little room for competition during a tiered Immunity Challenge.

Honey Badger poster

There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay (2013)

Corinne and Malcolm's special bond leads to a discovery that could liven up the game.

There's Gonna Be Hell to Pay poster

Kill or Be Killed (2013)

After a medical emergency, one Castaway's ability to play the game is in danger.

Kill or Be Killed poster

Persona Non Grata (2013)

The Favorites must contend with an out-of-control Brandon when he reveals his hidden desire to sabotage their camp.

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